Andrei mastering Tube and Fitting with JRL Access at SIMIAN LASC

For Andrei, a Waltham Forest resident, attending the Part One Tube and Fitting course at SIMIAN LASC through his employer, JRL Access, was a pivotal moment in his career.

Since completing his COTS Course at SIMIAN LASC, Andrei has been working on site in Canary Wharf, as a trainee Scaffolder alongside his brother, the site manager. With a desire to progress Andrei was sent to SIMIAN LASC to continue his training and has immersed himself in the comprehensive Part One course. Covering scaffold design, load calculations, and safety compliance, the training provided a solid foundation for tube and fitting scaffolding.

SIMIAN LASC’s hands-on approach allowed Andrei to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Guided by experienced instructors, he gained confidence in assembling scaffolding structures efficiently and safely.

After completing his training, Andrei commented:

“I have learnt a lot on this Part One course from the practical side of scaffolding to the correct erecting and dismantling processes. It has given me more confidence and the ability to understand the theory with no issues.

I would recommend to anyone starting their scaffolding career to complete the course at SIMIAN LASC as the facilities are great and the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly.”

With aspirations of advancing his career to the highest level, we hope to welcome Andrei back to SIMIAN LASC to undertake his Part Two training soon!