Saheed, a Waltham Forest resident, talks to us about commencing his Scaffolding Career at SIMIAN LASC

Waltham Forest resident, Saheed, has recently begun his UK Scaffolding career in the best possible way, by completing his COTS course at our LASC centre.

With over 7 years of Scaffolding experience in his hometown of Nigeria, Saheed wanted to continue his passion in the UK and further his scaffolding career. Saheed’s transition to the UK wasn’t without its challenges. Despite his wealth of experience back home, he knew he needed to learn the local regulations and standards, this led him to pursue training at SIMIAN LASC.

The COTS (Construction Operative Training Scheme) course at SIMIAN LASC became a pivotal point in Saheed’s journey. It gave him a deeper understanding of the safety protocols, technical aspects, and legal requirements for scaffolding in the UK.

Key takeaways for Saheed from the COTS course were Health & Safety, Working at Height, Correct PPE, Risks of Handling and Risks of asbestos.

Upon completion of the COTS Course, Saheed feels like he not only gained technical knowledge from the topics covered and the instructor but also developed softer skills through attending the course too. His teamwork, confidence, efficiency, and overall attitude have improved since attending SIMIAN LASC.

When asked about the key learnings from attending this course, Saheed said:

“The key learning has to be the Health & Safety aspect behind Scaffolding in the UK. To get the full experience of Scaffolding, you need to learn about the risks and this is what I have learnt from this course. Everything was clear and easy to understand so I didn’t feel as if I had to overcome any barriers regarding language differences.
It is my first-time training at SIMIAN, but I would recommend and will be returning to complete more courses.”

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