Building Foundations for Success: Brandon Broodie's Journey with Simian LASC and Lee Marley

Waltham Forest resident, Brandon, has recently started his Part One Tube and Fitting training at our LASC centre,

Embarking on a career in construction and scaffolding requires not only passion but also a commitment to acquiring the necessary skills. For Brandon Broodie, a promising individual in the industry, the decision to undertake his Part 1 training course at SIMIAN LASC through his employer, Lee Marley, marks a significant step towards professional growth and excellence. This blog explores Brandon’s journey as he begins his training, paving the way for a successful career in scaffolding.

Brandon began his career as a mechanic for Peugeot before making the change to the scaffolding industry in April of this year by joining the team at Lee Marley. Lee Marley have supported his training throughout from his COTS Course at LASC and now his Part One, through to providing him with the essential onsite training and time on the tools required to learn and progress.

During his training, Brandon has learnt a number of techniques; from basing out to levelling and bracing, the theory behind scaffolding (e.g. the different scaffolding load classes) as well as understanding the drawings and measurements.

When asked about his time with SIMIAN, Brandon has said:

Not only is LASC local and convenient to me, but its also an excellent facility with very knowledgeable instructors who teach us to do everything the right way. I would recommend to those looking to get into the industry to undertake their training with SIMIAN.”