Ramsey, a Waltham Forest resident, talks to us about his continuing journey at SIMIAN LASC

Waltham Forest resident, Ramsey, has recently began his Scaffolding career in the best possible way, by completing his COTS course and undertaking his Part 1 at our LASC centre.

22 year old Ramsey joined the scaffolding industry after previously working as an electrical labourer and seeking to pursue a new career. After a friend recommended SIMIAN LASC for his training, and it being conveniently located 25 minutes away from his house, he booked onto his COTS course to gain his entry level qualifications before returning to LASC for his Part 1.

Ramsey’s course is a crucial step in his scaffolding journey. The Part 1 Tube and Fitting Course covers fundamental aspects of scaffolding, providing students with a solid foundation in tube and fitting techniques. From understanding the principles of scaffold design to mastering the practical aspects of erecting and dismantling scaffolding structures, Ramsey is set to gain a comprehensive skill set that will serve as the bedrock for his future endeavours to become an advanced scaffolder.

When asked about his time with SIMIAN, Ramsey has said:

“One of the main benefits from my training would be the confidence I have gained from the instructors in my abilities. Teamwork is crucial for this industry and having the confidence in your own work is important.

I would highly recommend SIMIAN to my friends and other scaffolders. LASC facilities are clean and in great condition and the on site canteen is a great addition.”

With Ramseys love of the outdoors and working in all weathers, we are sure he will progress onto having a successful career in the scaffolding in industry and achieve the advanced cards he is after. We wish you the best of luck.