Stanimir’s continuing journey at SIMIAN LASC

Stanimir's journey from being a labourer to completing his COTS and now Part One at SIMIAN LASC is an inspiring tale.

After using SMIAN LASC for his COTS course, and it being conveniently located 20 minutes away from his house, there was no question that LASC would be Stanimir’s only choice for undertaking his Part One Tube and Fitting Course. The exclusive offers for Waltham forest residents allowed Stanimir to undertake his Part One training course is a quicker time frame and with less financial constrain that anticipated.

Stanimir’s course is a crucial step in his scaffolding journey. The Part One Tube and Fitting Course covers fundamental aspects of scaffolding, providing students with a solid foundation in tube and fitting techniques. From understanding the principles of scaffold Health and Safety and learning scaffold measurements, Stanimir is set to gain a comprehensive skill set that will serve as the base for completing his further tickets.

As with any training course, there were a number of barriers that Stanimir had to overcome, particularly with regards to his language barrier and limited practical skills. This course has allowed Stanimir to significantly build his confidence, work more effectively and not let self-doubt slow down his progression.

When asked about his time at SIMIAN LASC, Stanimir has said:

“Since starting my training at LASC, I have gained more confidence in my abilities and improved with teamwork and the theory aspect of scaffolding under the instructor’s guidance.

I would recommend SIMIAN as they are local training centre with clean and organised facilities, great instructors and affordable food in the onsite canteen.”

We wish Stanimir the best of luck with his Scaffolding career and hope to see him back at SIMIAN LASC again soon.