Bradley begins his journey from labourer to skilled scaffolder at SIMIAN LASC

After being a labourer for 5 years with SCAFFORCE, Bradley is commencing his Scaffolding career by taking a COTS Course at LASC.

In the construction industry, career progression often demands more than just physical labour; it requires dedication, skill development, and a commitment to safety. Bradley Ryan’s story emphasises this journey of growth and transformation. After five years of working as a labourer, Bradley made a pivotal decision to advance his career in scaffolding, this led him to SIMIAN LASC, where he embarked on a journey to obtain his Construction Operatives Training Scheme (COTS) certification.

One of the key aspects Bradley gained from the course was an enhanced appreciation for safety in scaffolding. Beyond the basic understanding acquired through his years as a labourer, the COTS course delved deeper into the importance of risk assessment, hazard identification, and accident prevention strategies. Bradley also developed his social skills and confident through his time at SIMIAN LASC by working in teams.

When asked about his experience at SIMIAN LASC, Bradley said:

I would definitely recommend training at LASC as the instructors are very helpful, provide clear explanations, good structure to the day and reasoning methods. Throughout the day I have gained improved social skills and a wider hands on approach to work which will kick start my scaffolding course.

With living in the same borough as the centre, it is a convenient choice for me and also provides numerous offers for residents living in the area, which is a bonus!

After completing his COTS Course, Bradley will continue working under his employer, SCAFFORCE, but will now be able to work on the tools under supervision to gain the practical skills and knowledge to progress onto his Part One course.