Green Energy Courses at SIMIAN London Academy of Sustainable Construction  

22nd February 2024

London, a global leader in combating climate change, has set an ambitious goal to achieve net zero carbon targets by 2050. In alignment with this vision, the London Academy of Sustainable Construction (LASC) is dedicated to equipping Londoners with the essential skills sought after by employers to support the city in reaching this milestone by offering a range of Green Energy Courses.

At LASC’s Green Energy Skills Hub, we recognise the urgent need for a skilled workforce in the sustainable energy sector. Our comprehensive training provision serves as a vital educational pathway, nurturing talent and fostering expertise to meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Our diverse range of training programs covers a spectrum of sustainable construction techniques and skills essential for driving London towards its net zero carbon future.

Among the courses offered are:

  • Acoustic MF Ceiling Installation
  • Acoustic Lay-in Grid Ceilings Installation
  • Metal Stud Partitions – Basic
  • Brick slip systems
  • Applying surface finishes to external wall insulation introduction
  • Insulation and Building Treatments (IBT) building construction, defects and interfaces
  • Preparing to and installing external wall insulation introduction
  • Surface preparation and board installation for external wall insulation
  • L2 award in understanding Retrofitting

By offering these cutting-edge training programs, LASC is not only addressing the skills gap in the green energy sector but also nurturing a workforce equipped to support London’s transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Join us in building a greener, more resilient city for generations to come!

For more details, email Sara Calvo our South Business Development Manager for SIMIAN LASC on